Call Management System

  • It is a dynamic and fully automated service call system, it contains the necessary information of the customer and their services also.
  • Main function of this system is to collect and access the customer’s queries and take it through the service channel in a proper and effective way which will reduce efforts in the customer support.
  • Tracking the Call and end to end.
  • Integration with any Legacy System and ERP.
  • Mobile Application on both Android and IOS.

Before the startup can be initiated, some step by step action of this project as appended:

  • Customer can register a call through Web Application and Android/IOS Application.
  • By checking the product serial no system can find product details like warranty period, status, product model, type etc.
  • After submit the Service Call Register from customer, Service Manager can able to view call registration page.
  • Service Manager will assign work to service engineer as per requirements of customer. Manager can assign multiple engineer for a single call.
  • If Service Manager unable to give response to customer then he can forward the call to another service manager or helpdesk can assign engineer on the behalf of manager.
  • Assigned Service Engineer will move to customer-end or interact with the customer’s representative for solving customer problem.
  • If problem has been solved after given service, Service Engineer fill up all needed field with the time duration then he will request for call close and necessary information will reflect in the administration panel.
  • If problem has not been solved then service engineer will keep the call in hold.
  • After checking necessary details and customer’s feedback helpdesk will decide to close the call or not.
  • After completion to the service engineer submission, customer can able to submit his support feedback.